Jewellery Care

How to care for Sterling Silver

Silver stands out as one of the most resilient metals available, capable of enduring a lifetime with proper care. Not only is it hypoallergenic, making it ideal for those with sensitive skin, but it also raises common questions about care among our valued customers at Fada. Let's delve into some key inquiries surrounding silver!

How long will silver last?

Our jewellery holds immense sentimental value, so ensuring its longevity is paramount. Regular cleaning and proper storage when not in use are crucial. Prolong its lifespan by keeping it away from harsh chemicals such as lotions, perfumes, hand sanitisers, and certain soaps.

Does sterling silver tarnish?

In short, yes - tarnishing is a natural process for all silver. Exposure to harsh chemicals, swimming in pools or the ocean, and specific climates, especially with high humidity or proximity to the ocean, can contribute to tarnishing.

Why does silver tarnish?

Technically, pure silver doesn't tarnish, but it's not durable enough for jewellery. We blend it with copper, as indicated by the "925" engraving on the back, representing 92.5% silver and 7.5% copper. Tarnishing occurs due to the copper content.

How long does it take for sterling silver to tarnish?

The timeline for tarnishing varies based on factors such as chemical exposure, swimming, and beauty product usage. Optimal care, including avoiding harsh conditions, extends its lifespan.

How to prevent sterling silver from tarnishing?

Prevent tarnishing by keeping it away from harsh chemicals, ensuring it stays dry, correct storage, and regular cleaning. Remove it during activities like handwashing, swimming, and exercise, storing it securely.

Does sterling silver rust?

Pure silver in sterling silver doesn't rust, but the added copper can tarnish. Tarnish differs from rust, typically associated with iron. Proper cleaning, like wiping with a polishing cloth or using dish soap and water, addresses tarnish.

Does sterling silver fade?

While sterling silver won't fade or change colours, it can tarnish without proper care. Keep it dry, store it in a cool, dry place, and avoid harsh chemicals.

How can I clean my silver jewelry?

Here are five tips for cleaning and maintaining your sterling silver:

  1. Wipe with a polishing cloth: the easiest cleaning method.
  2. Keep it away from chemicals: prevention is key; remove it when using harsh cleaning solutions.
  3. Remove it when at the beach or pool: chlorine and saltwater can damage silver.
  4. Store it in a cloth pouch away from sunlight.
  5. Soak it in warm water with a drop of dish soap, then rinse and dry with a clean cloth.

Dedicate time to care for your Fada silver jewellery, and it will undoubtedly last for years. Its durability and ease of cleaning make it perfect for daily wear, so go ahead and enjoy your silver to the fullest!