Our Story

Established in 2021, Fada embodies a passion for crafting affordable Irish jewellery with a modern twist. Recognizing a market gap for pieces seamlessly blending affordability, contemporary design, and a celebration of the Irish language, Fada was born.

Having experienced the challenges of homesickness abroad, I realized the power of jewellery in bridging the emotional gap to home. The Ireland necklace, our catalyst, symbolizes connection, comfort, and a constant reminder of home. We aim to resonate with countless Irish individuals by offering distinctive pieces that go beyond accessories, providing a tangible link to the warmth of Ireland.

Proudly educated in an Irish primary school, my fluency in the Irish language holds a special place in my heart. Fuelled by the desire to promote our language, we've seamlessly incorporated Gaeilge into our jewellery, contributing to the preservation and propagation of our wonderful language.

At Fada, we are dedicated to more than just beautiful accessories; we offer a sense of belonging, nostalgia, and cultural pride. Join us on this journey as we promote Irishness through timeless, beautiful, and, most importantly, affordable Irish jewellery.

Founder – Ciarán Martley