The Ultimate Irish Gift Idea 2022

You’re looking for an Irish gift, but you’re overwhelmed with gimmicky key-rings, whiskey bottles and overpriced Irish sweaters that only your grandparents would wear. You shouldn’t have to settle for something ‘Irish’ that has no sentiment or style, because if you know the Irish, you know we hate gimmicky gifts that resemble our silly stereotypes. So what do you do?

If you’re looking for something subtle, meaningful and incredibly affordable for someone who’s proud to be Irish, you came to the right place!

Why The FADA Necklace is THE BEST Irish Gift to Buy in 2022 :

1. The Irish Gift for All Occasions

What gift do you buy for an Irish Birthday? Wedding? Communion?

If you’re tired of giving money in a card or buying a meaningless present - look no further! The fantastic thing about the Fada chain is that it can bought or any age used for ANY occasion. We've helped thousands of Irish people of all ages keep home closer to their hearts. 

2. Keeping Irish Closer to Home

Irish people are known for traveling abroad, we’ve pretty much covered every inch of the planet. Living away from home is never easy, with most people feeling homesick.

The Fada necklace was created to make Irish people abroad feel closer to home, and with worldwide shipping – Ireland will always be closer to your loved ones hearts no matter where they are in the world.

3. Affordability and Durability

Finding a gift between the price of a small €5 shamrock keyring and a €50 bottle of whiskey can be tough when there’s not many viable options.

The Fada necklace is just €34.99,  it’s also 24K Gold Plated so it’s waterproof, sweat-proof and most importantly – made to last!

4. Combining Irish Tradition & Modern Style

Irish people are very closely tied to their history, buying the gimmicky Irish gifts that have no meaningful connection and you will probably upset them.

The great thing about the Fada necklace is that it combines Irish tradition with a modern look – so your loved one can wear it with pride while also standing out from the crowd.

Grab your Fada necklace.

Irish Gift Necklace Jewellery

If you don't think our Fada necklace is right for you - you might find an alternative Irish Gift idea here.

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